We have Mensa Entrance Tests conducted every month in Bombay and
       regularly in Pune too.Kolkata too,has commenced testing.
  There is NO syllabus advised.
       Please click on the above city name for contacting us.

For those aspirants wanting to take the Mensa Entrance test in an area other than Pune, Mumbai or Calcutta, we advise the following procedure.

1. Click to download and print the Mensa Test Request form. Clear photocopies of the same may be used.
When the form loads,right-click on it and click " Save Picture as..".The form will get saved at whichever location on your computer that you specify.Then,print it out.

2. Click to read the Terms, Conditions and the Disclaimer.

3. Fill in the form in your own handwriting, affix your recent passport size photograph and sign the form with your signature used for official purposes.

4. Label the envelope as "MENSA TEST REQUEST FORM" in block capital letters on the top left corner.

5. IMPORTANT : Please DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY (cash, cheque, draft, other) with this Mensa Test Request Form.

6. Mail this form to

Mensa India (Mumbai)
C/o Excel Industries Limited
184/87 S.V. Road
Jogeshwari (W)
Mumbai 400102

Ø Once we receive at least 100 application forms from any one city/town we may acknowledge receipt to each sender explaining how to remit the Mensa Entrance Test fee with an appropriate deadline.

Ø The test will be held at a venue in the city chosen by Mensa India, preferably but not necessarily on a holiday like Sunday.

Ø Currently we have most enquiries from Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi in no particular order. Hence we will be attempting to conduct the entrance tests in these cities first.

Ø We request aspirants to understand that the team will have to travel to their assigned town or city with sufficient notice to all candidates taking the test. This planning takes time and effort.

Ø In case there are not sufficient applications from you city/town, we request you to be patient.

Ø Please note that Mensa India is different from various not-for-profit societies that may exist in India. Currently, the focus is on testing at the town or city level rather than at the school, college or institute level. We do not have chapters at the school, college or institute level.

Ø From time to time, we shall be posting the number of registrations received from each town or city on this website.


Tests will be held in Chennai on the 15th and 16th of November,2003.Please visit the Chapters page for contact details.



     Date & Time :    Tests in Mumbai will be conducted on the third Saturday of every month.Please call up our office to confirm before the test.
     For Registration and test confirmation,contact :
       Sudha Tendulkar

          C/O Excel Industries
          184/87 S.V. Road
          Jogeshwari (W)
          Mumbai 400102

          Telephone : 56943300 ext. 257 (between 9 AM & 5 PM only)
   Registration is open !